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Constituency: Belfast South

Electorate Seats Total Poll Turnout Valid Poll Spoiled Votes Quota
61,309 5 43,465 70.89% 43,053 412 7,176

Vote Distribution

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Left Right

Count Results

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Mairtin O Muilleoir Mairtin O Muilleoir
* (SF)


Claire Hanna Claire Hanna
* (SDLP)

6559 6756.28 6788.12 6839.56 6981.54 8652.54

Paula Bradshaw Paula Bradshaw
* (AP)

5595 5632.26 5672.5 5740.4 5866.38 7690.38

Christopher Stalford Christopher Stalford
* (DUP)

4529 4530.08 4551.08 4554.08 4704.08 4715.26 4726.26 4728.5 8667.5

Emma Little-Pengelly Emma Little-Pengelly
* (DUP)

4446 4446.78 4468.84 4476.84 4655.9 4676.26 4695.26 4703.26

Clare Bailey Clare Bailey
* (GRN)

4247 4292.78 4341.74 4523.08 5073.96 5450 6344 6719.36 6797.22

Michael Henderson Michael Henderson

3863 3866 3932.12 3955.12 4240.42 4337.8 4647.8 4761.4 5255.94

Emmet McDonough-Brown Emmet McDonough-Brown

2053 2080.96 2095.38 2118.92 2185.34

Naomh Gallagher Naomh Gallagher

1794 1855.68 1865.92 1893.42 1962.22

Padraigin Mervyn Padraigin Mervyn

760 789.58 828.72 970.86

John Hiddleston John Hiddleston

703 703.36 717.36 724.48

Sean Burns Sean Burns

531 539.76 566.42

George Jabbour George Jabbour

200 200.48

Lily Kerr Lily Kerr

163 168.22

Constituency Profile

Following a transformation at last year’s Assembly election with the loss of an SDLP MLA as well as the sole UUP representative, South Belfast may prove one of the least surprising constituencies this time.

Finance Minister Mairtin O Muilleoir convincingly topped the poll for Sinn Fein last year with a strong enough vote to make the argument for Sinn Fein to run two candidates here.

However with the cut from six to five MLAs, the party is unlikely to risk it, particularly with the entry to the race of People Before Profit candidate Pádraigín Mervin, a party that has caused Sinn Fein electoral headaches in their West Belfast stronghold.

The reduction in seats is also likely to have disappointed SDLP ambitions of regaining their second seat in South Belfast where their former leader Alasdair McDonnell holds the Westminster seat. The high profile Claire Hanna is likely to be returned with ease, but her running mate Naomh Gallagher will find it challenging to win back the seat lost by Fearghal McKinney.

But the party likely to be most nervous in this constituency is the DUP after their record haul of two MLA seats last year with newcomer Emma Little-Pengelly and former Belfast Deputy Lord Mayor Christopher Stalford. One of the pair seems most likely of the sitting six to lose out unless Ulster Unionists vote tactically to ensure the constituency retains two unionists.

The Alliance Party’s Paula Bradshaw was last across the line last year, just behind Clare Bailey of the Green Party, however both seem likely to secure enough transfers from the bigger parties to be returned again ahead of the second DUP runner.

On the Ballot

Clare Bailey

Clare Bailey (Outgoing)

Green Party

A passionate supporter of women’s rights and well-known equality campaigner, Clare Bailey is Deputy leader of the Green Party and was elected as a South Belfast MLA in 2016. Ms Bailey was a founder pupil of Lagan College, Northern Ireland’s first integrated school, and completed a BA in politics with cultural and media studies at Queen’s University, where she was elected mature students’ officer.

Paula Bradshaw

Paula Bradshaw (Outgoing)

Alliance Party

Paula Bradshaw was elected to Belfast City Council in May 2014 before standing for the Alliance Party in the 2015 Westminster election. She was successfully elected to the Northern Ireland Assembly to represent the people of South Belfast in 2016.

Sean Burns

Sean Burns

Cross Community Labour Alternative

Naomh Gallagher

Naomh Gallagher

Social Democratic and Labour Party

Claire Hanna

Claire Hanna (Outgoing)

Social Democratic and Labour Party

Claire Hanna was elected to Belfast City Council representing the Balmoral area in 2011 and re-elected in 2014. She chaired the Town Planning Committee. The following year, she was co-opted to the Assembly for South Belfast, replacing Alasdair McDonnell, and was deputy chair of the Finance Committee. She was successfully elected in 2016. The former international development worker was born in Connemara before moving to South Belfast at the age of three.

Michael Henderson

Michael Henderson

Ulster Unionist Party

Michael Henderson is a UUP representative sitting on the Lisburn & Castlereagh City Council, representing the Castlereagh South district.

John Hiddleston

John Hiddleston

Traditional Unionist Voice

John Hiddleston has lived and worked in South Belfast for most of his adult life. An economics graduate from Queen’s University, he has been a director and shareholder of several small businesses. He previously stood for the UUP in the Assembly election of 2003.

George Jabbour

George Jabbour


George Jabbour is currently based in Belfast, but he was born in Syria to a Christian family. He moved to the UK in 2004 at the age of 22. Having obtained a degree in Civil Engineering from Damascus University, George won a scholarship to come to the United Kingdom to study for a postgraduate degree. Having been admitted as a highly-skilled migrant, he became a British citizen in 2011. He says he is very passionate about the union and took an active role during the 2014 Scottish independence referendum.

Lily Kerr

Lily Kerr

The Workers Party

Lily Kerr is a veteran trade unionist and a former senior official with the public sector union, Unison. She's a former vice chair of ICTU women’s committee and a former member of the European Trade Union Congress women’s committee. She has a particular interest in low paid women workers and the defence of public services.

Emma Little-Pengelly

Emma Little-Pengelly (Outgoing)

Democratic Unionist Party

Emma Little-Pengelly was co-opted to the Assembly in September 2015 to represent South Belfast, replacing Jimmy Spratt, and was successfully elected in 2016. A former special advisor in the Office of the First Minister she is one of the party spokespersons on victims issues. Following the 2016 Assembly Election, she was appointed as Chair of the Assembly’s Finance Committee. She studied law at Queen’s University and previously worked as a barrister.

Emmet McDonough-Brown

Emmet McDonough-Brown

Alliance Party

The son of a leading republican paramilitary murdered in a feud Emmet McDonough-Brown joined the Alliance Party and was elected to Belfast City Council in 2014, representing the Botanic district.

Padraigin Mervyn

Padraigin Mervyn

People Before Profit Alliance

Padraigin Mervyn is one of seven people fighting for Assembly seats under the People Before Profit banner. She says the assembly has "failed to deliver real, tangible change for people here". The party takes a strong anti-austerity position and pledges to fight for the rights of working class people. It says it wants to end corruption, cronyism and sectarianism.

Mairtin O Muilleoir

Mairtin O Muilleoir (Outgoing)

Sinn Fein

Mairtin O Muilleoir was elected for Sinn Fein in the Stormont Assembly election in May 2016 as a representative for South Belfast and was appointed to the post of Finance Minister. The former Lord Mayor Belfast was co-opted into the Assembly in 2014 where he sat on the Enterprise and Finance Committee. A publisher and businessman, he remains a Director of the Belfast Media Group. A keen runner and Irish language activist, Mr O Muilleoir is a recipient of the Tolerntia Laureate Award for his support of the LGBT community.

Christopher Stalford

Christopher Stalford (Outgoing)

Democratic Unionist Party

Christopher Stalford has served as councillor representing South Belfast for 11 years including terms as High Sheriff and Deputy Lord Mayor. He became MLA for South Belfast in the 2016 election. Mr Stalford, who attended Queen's University, is married with three children and is a Sunday School teacher at his church in Sandy Row.

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